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"I have been grateful for Geno’s coaching on numerous occasions.  I’ve had challenges stemming from patterns of behaviour that I inherited at a very young age.  It was difficult for me to acknowledge my co-dependency and enmeshed coping strategies.  These would become very apparent when I found myself around my brother and my mother in particular.  I now understand that I was stuck in the stories that I would tell myself about my upbringing.  I was often wildly triggered in their company and would suffer a great deal.  This was an extremely sensitive subject matter for me.  I was also hyper-vigilant and so, to speak of these matters, did not feel safe. 


Geno is wholly proficient, authentic and sincere and from the moment that we met my defences began to collapse.  She provided an unconditionally safe space for me to unfold within.  She guided me so skillfully to understand how perfectly my pain, and the telling of my story, has served me over time.  How I’d become addicted to repeating it, in a struggle to gain acceptance and to counter my strong sense (my core belief) of ‘nobody’s listening’.  Once I could see that clearly, Geno challenged me to contemplate if these habits were still serving me in the present.  I experienced so much clarity and perspective following our sessions and my life is altered immeasurably as a result.  I no longer suffer and these days I can dip in and out of the family events and gatherings with ease, without feeling provoked or activated.


I won’t hesitate to contact Geno in the future or to recommend her to anybody else.  She is a remarkable, gifted, and attuned coach.”

Teri P.

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